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“I love these books, and my students find them easy to work with too.”

Vicky Bruere



“Keep making them.”

Louise Fox

“It covers all the mathematical strands in a beautiful and colourful book. Easy to use.”

Pip Jepson



“They link to the Numeracy curriculum exactly, which makes them easy to use.”

Penny Martell


“We are extremely happy with the Connecting All Strands books as this is the way we are heading.”

Tracey McKinlay-Smith



“Level 3A Maths Book. Very easy to work through. Catches the students attention.”

Lisa Dent

“Connecting All Strands Level 4A Provides a range of activities and excellent when you need to reteach
a skill.”

Owen McCarthy



“It perfectly fits with our new numeracy programme, which focuses on using number strategies to solve problems across the strands.”

Simone Donaldson


“The books are easy to use and relate straight to the numeracy booklets. My children like the
different types of activities and questions involved
in the books.”

Rebecca Thomas



“I like that the products are in line with the NZ Curriculum and I know that by using these products I am covering what my students need to learn.”

Jenny Barrow


“Great texts. Mapping from texts to curriculum
is very useful. Texts are clear and easy to use
by students.”

Anne Ditcher



“They are such good books to use to teach and reinforce learning. The knowledge sections are also especially valuable.”

Lynne Hall

“Tasks are engaging. Good coverage of strategies and knowledge.”

Louise Fox

“Excellent quality and appropriate to my students needs.”

Isobel Huggard


“Great layout and attractive to the kids.”

Adele Warburton



“Good grasp of all NZ curriculum areas.”

Mark Drummond


“Love having the answers in the back and everything in the one book. Really appreciate the pages in the front to help make planning connections as well. Love the colour and cartoons, students find them easy to use when self directing their learning to achieve a specific goal they have noted from previous data.”

Julie Evans



“All these resources fit so well with the programme and the Connnecting All Strands books clearly set out the learning in the curriculum levels.”

Marie Nelson



“Easy to follow strategies.”

Celia Grace-Stiles

“It relates so closely to the curriculum and has fabulous practical rich tasks.”

Ally Gibbs

“Enjoying the Connnecting All Strands books as they promote learning maths in a fun and simple way.”

Sue Yonug


“It uses child speak language making it user friendly for the students. It is clearly set out and provides excellent examples that the students can follow when working independently. They also provide lots of variety.”

Fiona Singh



“The books are easy for the students to use. The illustrations and models used helps students better understand concepts. Alignment with the numeracy project makes planning and follow up activities easy to find.”

Prahl Naidoo


“In general it is easy to read and understand. Provides great teaching & learning ideas and is well linked to curriculum. Also provides specific Learning Intentions and expected outcomes.”

Karen Van Niekerk



“A great resource to support the teaching of maths. Great examples for the students to follow. Use of pictures/colour to make the books appealing to students.”

Nicky Evans


“Great planning resource.”

Greg Rogash



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