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Dear Maths Enthusiasts

MATHS ANXIETY experienced by some teachers in New Zealand primary school is reported (Julie Whyte, NZ Principal,
September 2023) as creating a negative attitude to mathematics teaching and anxiety in their students.
Busy teachers need to be confident in their mathematics teaching and this requires resources designed for
the New Zealand environment.

At Caxton Educational we believe the best way to provide teachers with the secure feeling that students are getting
the best possible mathematical experience from a very early age, is to have access to a wide range of resources that
require them to think about maths; understand what they are doing; be able to explain it; and justify their answers.
Resources that give you fully explained worked examples and comprehensive explanatory answers.

Why would you choose our New Zealand Curriculum mathematics series?

  • It is the only series written with the aid of New Zealand advisors and rigorously tested by teachers in schools.
    We had a teacher team who read and used every part of the book and it was amended in line with the feedback
    we received before it was finalised and published.
  • The series was written FOR the New Zealand curriculum and covers all four strands. Every part of the
    series is relevant to New Zealand children from all different cultural backgrounds.
  • Each section starts with a real-life topic-based problem so if you are a teacher that likes to teach using a
    thematic approach you can. If you like a more structured approach then you can ignore the thematic
    questions and move on to the more structured exercises.
  • Every exercise has fully explained examples and student/teacher tips and is graded from easier to harder
    allowing teachers to personalise their teaching according to the level of competence of their students.
  • There is a full set of answers, many with full explanations so students can see how to justify or explain
    their answer.
  • Interesting puzzles and extension activities are available to inspire and challenge students - all with full answers.
  • A free online website provides full teacher support with full teacher notes on possible pitfalls and
    suggestions on how to teach the material. It also contains links to suitable computer work that can be used in
    addition to, but not replace, the exercises in the book. It has printable material and extra tasks that could be used
    for homework or extension.

While the resources are aimed at improving the mathematical understanding of students many teachers see the
written problems as a means of improving student literacy. Students have to consider the question and words used,
comprehend what is asked and communicate their answers to others, either orally or in a written form.

An award winning series – New Zealand Curriculum Mathematics is the best series to help teachers overcome anxiety
about teaching mathematics and ease their workload. Students will learn mathematics in a way that will allow them to
progress in a structured way, improve their results and foster a love of mathematics.

Best Regards,
Maryanne Tipler ONZM



View letter in PDF format below:

Caxed Term 4 Letter, (.pdf Format; 574Kb)


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