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Caxton Educational


Caxton Educational Ltd (CaxEd)

PO Box 37-153, Halswell 8025
Christchurch, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 3 366 7091
Email: caxton@caxed.co.nz


We sell to you direct

You receive books at the publisher's best price. As the publisher, Caxton Educational sells to you or to your school directly, keeping the books affordable.


Our Despatch Policy

Our standard policy is to freight all our books at the lowest possible cost, by the fastest method, directly to your school office. Books in stock will be despatched within two days.

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Caxton Educational Ltd

PO Box 36411, Christchurch 8146, New Zealand. Telephone: +64 3 366 7091
Freephone: (NZ) 0800 MATHS4U (0800 628 474). Email: caxton@caxed.co.nz. Website designed by www.caxton.co.nz


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