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1. Welcome - How to use this resource

Welcome to the NZ Curriculum Mathematics Level 4A Online Teacher Support Files

The Online Teacher Support Files are designed to assist teachers with their planning by providing starter activities and teacher notes as well as more in depth mappings to the New Zealand Curriculum and National Standards.

Each chapter in the teacher file, which matches the student resource chapters, has the following:

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2. Useful links for teachers

NZmaths site

The nzmaths web site, http://nzmaths.co.nz/ site has a lot of valuable material on the curriculum and standards as well as many teaching units that can be downloaded.

If you click on “Teaching material” in the left hand box of the home page at this site, you will find some resource materials for each strand and each topic within each strand. There is a great deal of material here to choose from.

If you want to find work for a particular level and topic go to this link or click on resource finder in the left hand box on the home page (near the bottom of the list). https://nzmaths.co.nz/resource-finder

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3. Self-evaluation

Students can self evaluate at any time

Some suggestions are:

   •  at the end of each lesson

   •  at the end of each week

   •  at the end of each section of work

   •  after formal or informal teacher evaluation

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4. Question of the day

A way of connecting strands and developing statistical literacy is to have a “Question of the day”.

This can be done very successfully for a whole year and is an opportunity to generate mathematical discussions.

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