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Level 4a

Number and Algebra

Chapter 3 - FRACTIONS





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  • Pie charts - each part of a pie chart is a fraction of a whole. The angle for each slice of the pie is a fraction of 360°.
  • Probabilities – all probabilities can be described by fractions of 1 or less. The smaller the probability of an event happening, the smaller the fraction.
  • Statistical surveys – when analysing data fractions are often used to describe the results. For example, ¼ of Janna’s class wears glasses.
  • Geometry – the scale factor for enlargements can be described using fractions such as ½, 1 ½, etc.
  • Scales – fractions often appear on scales.
  • Measurement – measures are often described using fractions. For example, ½ L or 1 ½ metres, etc.
  • Algebra – sometimes a sequence is made by taking a fraction of the previous term, or the rule for a pattern might contain a fraction.
  • Number strategies – for example, doubling and halving using finding half of a number.



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