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Level 4a

Measurement and Geometry

Chapter 10 - Using Measures





Overview of the chapter


Rich tasks

  • These are problem solving open-ended questions that require students to investigate problems involving choosing appropriate scales, units and measuring devices. The tasks can be given at the start of a topic and done as the students gain enough knowledge to complete them, inserted into a topic at an appropriate place or given as homework or extension.
  1. Small stuff
  2. Rolling, rolling, rolling
  3. Did you get some sleep?

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Choosing units and devices

  • Select appropriate units in different contexts and choose the appropriate measuring device.

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Estimating measurements

  • Use a known or familiar measure as a comparison to help estimate an unknown measure in a contextual situation.

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Reading scales

  • Read linear scales where measurements are given to two decimal places.
  • Estimate readings on a scale when only some of the divisions are shown.

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Estimating and measuring

  • Estimate and measure length, mass, capacity and time using appropriate measuring devices.

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